Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dalla Z alla A site-specific performance

A long awaited new work I presented last saturday, 21st September at  Centro studi Villa Bighi.
So happy to have created this piece working on site, at the beautiful villa, once a home to Italian designer and artist Dante Bighi. Great to learn more about his versatile work and explore both the interior of the house and its garden, a little forest.
Upon my first visit of the place I had no idea what was to come out of it. As I started working on site, it became a 15 minute piece about mosquitoes, slides, coffee, circles and ships. A variety of aspects of the villa were explored in some way, some of the past, some belonging to the present.
Many thanks to Rossella Fabbri, who performed by my side, Giacomo Natali who put the soundtrack together and Daniele Mantovani for coming to take photographs. Here are some of them.
Thanks to the team at Villa Bighi for their support.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Performance Fatta in Casa - Homemade Performance

Up to now, three artists have brought a piece of their life and work to our home. They all chose to create their short piece based on something from their home, which was not in any planned, but I found it worked great with the concept of a homemade performance.
Many many thanks to all artists, to a great audience always, also surprisingly coming in the right numbers. Somehow, things work great at home!
Home sweet home

June 15th
Alessandra Fabbri 
Gallus Domesticus

Photo di Denise Ania

July 6th
Alessandro Tagliati
Equilibri Temporanei

Photo di Matteo Migliazzi

August 31st
Zoe Tsavdarides
Hosts and Guests