Saturday, April 17, 2010

Organic Self

Orgnic Self was the participatory piece I presented with my sound designer Giacomo Natali, as part of the Interim festival Rendering53% at Wimbledon Colleg of Art. 

It was a great way of working in the college theatre and try a piece where the audience was directly involved in the piece, as the communication between participants was encouraged in order to produce the soundtrack for the piece. It was repeated twice, and as the audience responses were different, it was evident how the dynamics of the piece changed according to audiences' interaction. 

In my previous performances audience was offered the task of lighting the piece, or dressing the performer. Here, music was created by the twelve participants. Although the second time spectators were less, and I had advertised that the piece would take place only when that number of participants was present, we decided to take the risk and give it a try. After all, any instrument may still make music even if a couple of strings or keys are missing!

I will soon post theatre plan and documentation of the show.