Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Small lights, small changes, considerable impact

Now that the space is ready and the structure of the performance is slowly coming to life, there are the little details to take care of. Small things that make a big difference in visual and perceptive terms, all a big deal for my final piece. Things like getting all the LED lights to work in unusual ways, blocking the massive green lights of the beloved health and safety exits, so dear to the British. 
Great thing is I got the desired equipment, solved the problem with a flat screen way too big for its purpose, tried the sound system and many thanks to Eileen, got a heavy black curtain, pictured below. Can't wait for the two-day workshop with dancers leading up to the first show on the 9th of September.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Rehearsals with spectators

For the non-visual part of the show I have been trying out different movements and actions to do with the participant getting feedback from them. My first participant was Marouso. Topics that came up: trust, disorientation, fear.
I am also testing these ideas while working on the information given to participants before each one can have their private 'sensorial perception'.

Story line

A summerised story line of the performance, mapped out on the 29th July. Under development through practice and rehearsing with potential participants.

My space ready

A couple of weeks of muscle fatigue were worth it I guess, my space is all ready and newly painted now. 

Almost ready on the outside

Closing doors

Smooth walls

Floor painting

Rooms one and two seperated

Nutricion matters

Painting walls black


View from corridor (my space on the left)

Above photo taken from this angle, special tribute to health and safety

Well happy now!